Written by – Alexandre Gonfalonieri


Unilance is the story of two people trying to bring companies to students and young graduates for freelance missions. This is how we define Unilance. Our idea comes from our frustration when we used to be students and post graduates. We realized that companies could benefit from our knowledge and experience, and that we could highly take advantage of this win-win situation.

Indeed, during our internships, we saw managers overwhelmed with tasks that can be outsourced, or companies that did not have the necessary resources for multiple interns. In the meantime, talented students are forced to wait for internships to start working for companies.

At this moment, we started witnessing the rise of the freelance model. A game changer for the industry. Companies like Uber became powerful by proposing this contract to its drivers. Moreover, we were astonished by the numbers of freelancers in the US only.


Freelance in the US – 2016



Moreover, it seems mind-blowing that companies must pay such high social contributions for each worker. In countries like France, this situation has become a political battleground. Nowadays, companies are having a hard time trying to hire employees because of this financial burden.

This situation creates difficulties for small companies that can desperately need the right skill at a precise moment of their development. Students offer the advantages of being less costly than regular over-experienced freelancer, and more linked with new technologies such as social media.

From the freelancer side, it appears that they prefer working that way since they can enjoy a greater freedom. It enables them to build their network and sharpen their skills by collaborating with companies from all around the world. They develop a business-related state-of-mind, they run a business themselves and therefore are very professional.


Unilance and us

Concerning our story, we met during an exchange program in Canada. Indeed, while most of our Canadian friends use to babysit, mow the lawn or play hockey, we started translating documents, studies and homeworks for locals (it was too cold outside for us).


Centre Block, Parliament of Canada, Ottawa


Remi and I began working with institutional clients, translating documents for Canadian companies wishing to work with the middle-East, South- America, Russia… From this point, we realized that even though they were undergraduate or fresh young graduate, both companies and students could benefit from the acquired knowledge

On the other hand, we want to offer companies the very best of students from foreign universities and with diversified skills.

Indeed, we aim to propose talents from Marketing to Web development at a very competitive price and making you save time by explaining the basics of your business to the freelancer. Our goal is to enhance your team by adding the best possible students to it for a limited period or collaborate with that specific person that will help you in your international missions.

A few months later, after coming back to France, we launched an international platform for young graduates freelancers called Unilance with missions mainly located in the Middle-East, US and Europe, thanks to our multicultural background.

A place where we hope, you will find the bilingual student in Spanish that will help you carry out that benchmark you need for tomorrow morning or maybe help you manage your social media page thanks to their valuable insights and professionalism.