Today, we have sat with one of our most successful freelancers of this month. He came by our offices in Paris for a chat regarding his new promising « freelance/student » career and to reveal his tips.

1) Hi, thanks for being with us, could you introduce yourself to the community ? 😊

Well, my name is Romain, I am 25 years old and I am currently a student at the « Samsung Campus » (Epitech program).

2) What is the « Samsung Campus » ?

Well, first of all before becoming a developer, I was doing something completly different…
I was about to become a cabinetmaker. However, I realized that it wasn’t my thing. I dropped and decided to look for something else, knowing that I didn’t have the money for an expensive school.

During my researches, I stumbled across that new program called « Samsung Campus ». It’s basically a two-year program hosted by Epitech where they teach you from scratch how to code (website and mobile applications).
The entire program is free of charge for students, however you have to pass several tests at the beginning. At the end, they give you an official diploma sponsored by Epitech which is great to find a job.

It is a considerable program for those willing to learn how to code from scratch without any background. The campus is located in the Parisian Area and the program is suited for students looking for a reliable and relevant formation.

Romain Piveteau, Freelance student and webdeveloper

3) Why did you get into freelance ?

At the begining, it was only to get a few small projects on my resume and therefore increase my chances to get hired. I had a lot of spare time and not much money haha. I quickly realized how great it is to be a freelance, as I can work from home, manage my time without compromising my homework, and to be honest, it’s easy money compared to working all day during the week-end as a waiter.
I started to enjoy it a lot, I am even considering becoming a full time freelance …

4) How did you end up making  more than 3000 a month ? 🙂

Like I said, I started to work on small projects, such as website maintenance, or adding plugins. Than, I noticed that my schedule enabled me to take on more consistent projects, of greater challenges.
So I started by collaborating with a startup that needed to create an online platform. Then, I created a wordpress for a travelling company. When I noticed how interesting it was to take on such projects, I decided to patner up with one of my friend, also student at Epitech. This enabled us to develop more and more website, without NEVER COMPROMISING QUALITY.
Quality is key. We assessed our ability to develop website, and fixed a limit. We never take more than two projects. Our goal is not to make money, but to gain experience. Luckily, we have succeeded in combining both, as we made over 6000 € in less than two months !
To be honest, I do not give so much value to the money I made, but more to how I made it, and what I have learnt ! Can you imagine that I already work on a daily basis with clients across the world, event hough I have not graduated yet ? Unbelievable !

5) Why did you choose Unilance ?

I read about Unilance on Facebook so I immediatly signed up to check the mission that were available. It was a huge surprise and pleasure to get a quick call back from Alexandre and Rémi, and being considered as part of the community. These guys treated us as friends, with high professionalism,and they somehow understand me since they were students too.

From a random visit on the platform, I landed my first offer. Thanks to the positivity and friendly experience, I am currently still using the website a lot.
Lastly, I enjoy  having the possibility to work for foreign companies. It would have been almost impossible for me to find these missions by myself.

6) Tell us about the missions you have accomplished on Unilance so far !

A lot haha, It started with a Drupal (sorry for all these unknown words, only developers will understand these ones) then a few WordPress websites. It goes from only a minor modification to an entire creation and maintenance. It is great since the clients are very diverse. Startups around the world or important companies, it gives you a great experience. The last one I did was for the insurance company called « Macif », a great added value to my portfolio and I worked with very demanding clients which is positive since it pushed me to deliver the best possible work. I like to use Unilance since it gives me the opportunity to work with different people, countries and technologies.

7) What have you done with the money earned so far on Unilance ?💰

I like that question haha. You know as a developer, I needed an amazing computer, it is my main tool after all. I bought myself a beautiful one with a huge screen. You might not realize it but that is like having a new car for us. Moreover, I have now the money to visit my family more often in Nantes which is very important to me. Finally, I started to save money a bit to finance my future trip to South America.

(Machu Picchu – Peru)

8) Concretely, what has Unilance brought you ?

Money haha. Look, before I was just finishing school and playing video games, too lazy to look for clients online. Now, all I have to do is spend 5 minutes on the website and apply for new missions, very easy. It is such a waste to be a student and have that much knowledge without being able to make money. Today, I have improved my skills, portfolio and professionalism by working with international clients. My english has become better as well as my negotiation skills.

9) How do you explain your success on the website ?

Professionalism above all ! Clients are looking for someone RELIABLE… think about it, they are about to invest a lot of money on you and obviously, they want someone, they can trust. Even tough, I am still a student, I know how to deal with clients. I take time to explain them everything like a teacher almost, they like that. It is also about the way you talk to them, I am passionate about what I do and they can feel that, I guess. Finally, it is about being « people first, money after ». For instance, if the client wants a minor change on the website, I am not going to say « SORRY, NOT IN THE CONTRACT, PAY ME AND THEN I WILL DO IT », if it is something small, I do it with pleasure. One last word, be interested about their project, I like to think that I am not just a freelance but also a human being that can potentially be a customer. Therefore, I like to give them pieces of advice on how to improve the customer experience on the website.


10)Do you agree with that scene ? 😊

Silicon Valley ! Great show haha
I was actually part of a group of programmers EXACTLY like this guy describes. I was the fat guy with a pony tail, we had an east Indian guy, an asian guy, a kid with crazy facial hair, and a skinny white guy.  Our asian guy was really tall though.
Things are changing when it comes to developers, more and more girls which is great news for the industry and also some fashionista hipsters developers haha.


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