Today, we met with Simon Segura, Head of Webmarketing at A growing and promising French startup 🇫🇷 specialized in domiciliation service for companies. They entrusted us with one of their projects recently.

1) Hello Simon, Thanks for giving us your time, please present yourself to our community.

Hello ! I am Simon Segura, Head of Webmarketing at SeDomicilier, the first online domiciliation website.
In a nutshell: after a training in a hospitality school, another business school in Canada (during which I co-founded a start-up in New York) and a Master 2 at La Sorbonne, I worked in private banking sector, in Paris, to finally join the SeDomicilier team.

2) Tell us about the story of SeDomicilier.

SeDomicilier was founded in 2016 by Jonathan Malka (CEO) and Geoffrey Antoine (CTO). The start-up has raised € 600,000 in September 2016 from OCP Finance and business angels.
Today, SeDomicilier has 15 employees in its team and provides help each day to more and more customers!

3) Today, where are you in your development?🏁

We are currently developing ourselves to expand into other regions in France, we already have a business center in Bordeaux. Our team has enriched itself with new members to work on substainable projects and thus constantly optimizing our services.

4) How does your website works?

We offer a route to obtain a prestigious head office address in less than 5 minutes and 100% online, accessible from the device of your choice and at any time! Simply select an address from our selection, customize the management of your mail (we propose, for example, the daily scanning of the mail which allows to see the letters sent to your company directly from your mailbox and your customer space) and signing the contract online, with a single click.

5) How did you get the idea?🤔

The idea came from the fact that creating a company in France may seem complicated, especially because of the different administrative formalities to be accomplished. Based on this observation, direct debit is the first step in setting up a business, since it’s a question of determining a head office address for the future company. So, how can you get a prestigious address for your business entirely online and at the best price without having to invest in a rental premises or offices?
It is in this context that Se Domicilier intervenes.

6) Therefore, you provide a solution to what consumer’s problem?

The domiciliation and the services we offer facilitate and optimize the activity of entrepreneurs, associations and professionals. We allow them to focus on the growth of their project by simplifying many aspects of their working life:

– Obtaining a head office address in less than 5min
– Mail management
– Hotline
– Meeting room and day room rental

We now manage more than 20,000 incoming mails per month, which we redirect or digitize as needed. 👏

7) How much does a good address make the difference when you want to start a business?

The choice of the address is decisive and going through a commercial domiciliation company brings many advantages:

– Differentiation between private life and public life: this is the case for self-entrepreneurs and single-person enterprises which, by reflex, would be tempted to reside in their own homes. Commercial domiciliation allows them to preserve their privacy by not communicating their personal address to customers and other interested parties.

– Increased visibility: our addresses are located in business districts or prestigious locations such as the Champs-Élysées, so it is a real argument in order to gain notoriety and when prospecting new customers

– In addition to the visibility and awareness generated by an address, the city where the head office is located also affects certain taxes, which is considerably lower when domiciled by means of a domiciliation company at a Paris address

8) You also offer good addresses abroad or just in France at the moment? 🌎

We have addresses in Paris, Ile-de-France and Bordeaux. We are in the process of developing in the province and we intend to offer international addresses in the near future.

9) What do you think about the concept of student / freelance, what do you think?

The freelancers bring us external help and vision on very specific subjects and projects that we can not manage internally, it is a concept that adapts very well to the flexibility of a startup.

10) To what extent can Unilance help you in your development?

By selecting freelancers whose profiles are perfectly suited to our needs. Moreover, since we are about to go abroad in our development, their unique database of foreign students shall certainly help us in that matter. ✌

11) Last question, who is your favorite entrepreneur and why? 😇

Alain Ducasse, because he is a model in every aspect. His career, his philosophy of rigour, love of work well done and perfection. It also gives a privileged place to the transmission of knowledge, which seems essential to me when working within a team. He is a man who knew, from scratch, how to build an immense empire recognized internationally and who, despite his success showed great humility.