Today, we sat with Hubert Mézin, Talent Management Officer @Oyst. Hubert was kind enough to explain us the growing success of Oyst in the online payment system industry. 😎

1) Hello Hubert, Thanks for giving us your time, please present yourself to our community.

Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Hubert Mézin, I’m the Talent Management Officer at Oyst.
In 2011, I founded, a platform of recruitment based on the personality of the candidates. Afterward, I joined two prestigious Anglo-Saxon recruitment firms Morgan McKinley then Robert Walters, as recruiter specialized in Digital. Today, I’m the Talent Management Officer of Oyst, in charge of the strategy of the organization, the recruitment and the employer brand.

2) Tell us about the story of Oyst.
Created in 2015 by Quentin Vigneau and Julien Foussard, founder and former CEO of Iron Group, Oyst started with 18 months of R&D to have a strong technical base. Oyst has launched the commercialisation of its solutions in April 2017. Today, Oyst is financed at a level of 8 million euros and plans a major fund raising at the beginning of 2018, in order to move on the international stage.

After three months of commercial launch, Oyst acquired tens of thousands of users and installed its solutions on hundreds of retail websites.Fintech in hypergrowth, Oyst aims to revolutionize the e-payment. The challenge is considerable and so are the opportunities.The OystR team gets bigger day after day and it’s just the beginning !

3) How did you end up working at Oyst? 🤔
At the time, I worked as headhunter at Robert Walters Agency and the CEO of Oyst, Julien Foussard called me. He presented me Oyst, the solutions, the spirit of the company and that pleased me at once !

4) How does your solution work ?
Oyst is changing the e-commerce environment with its 1-Click button, the first universal purchasing solution which allows users to buy in a click directly from the product page without having to enter any details (login, password,etc.) and soon directly from the advertising banners and emails. Our business model is based on a B2B strategy but the user experience is our success key. With Oyst any customer can enjoy 1-Click shopping with a complete safety. By creating our own technology named EVERKEY, we are able to recognize Oyst Users behind their computers and check with 117 standards if we have a doubt about their buyer profil.
Oyst wants to make online shoppers life more simple and increase the rate of conversion of the e-storekeepers.

5) Therefore, you provide a solution to what consumer’s problem?

The biggest issue for the online customers is the waste of time during the purchase process and the complexity of the process.
When customers choose online shopping, they want to have a simple, fast and efficient experience of shopping. Today, there are about 8 steps to buy online which make e-shops loosing customers. We have to put the impulse purchase possible on any e-commerce website. 👏

6) What do you think about the concept of student / freelance? 😊

This concept gives students great opportunities to begin their careers.
Students need to earn money, instead of working as seller in a shop, bike courier or anything not beneficial for their professionnal future they can already gain practical skills and earn money. For the companies it’s an opportunity to reduce some charges and discover new talents.

7) Last question, who is your favorite entrepreneur and why?

Richard Branson. He built so many things ! He really is the most popular businessperson alive. Employees, peers, and even strangers love him. He founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies 😮. He says that if you take care about your employees, they will take care of your business. I try to to apply this sensible maxim every day !



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