Today, we visited Franck Jorge in 🇨🇦, freelancer on Unilance, student and part-time worker at McDonald’s Canada. He gave us some insightful tips about the way he manages his time.


1) Hello Franck, can you please introduce yourself to the community? 

Hi everybody, I grew up in France but I live in Montréal. I am 25 years old and I study computer sciences (programming). I have always been passionate about computers. I learned the basics of programming by myself, mostly online through different websites (Codeacademy for instance) or books (« Web development for dummies« ) and I developed more specific skills at school.

2) Why did you decide to dedicate your studies to web development?

I chose the web development because lots of people need a website, the job market in this industry is looking great. No matter what your project is, you need a website.  I love to code in the many languages of web development and it is easier for one person to code a website than other projects such as a software or mobile app. The programming languages are continuously evolving, you always need to keep yourself updated.

3) How did you know about Unilance? 😊

I knew Unilance thanks to one of their product managers. She contacted me on Facebook because I posted an announce to find people who want a website. She offered me to sign up on unilance and gave me some missions directly. I am happy about this new relationship with Unilance, thank you for giving me such an opportunity to work with international clients.

Moreover, I do like the fact that they try to know me not just as a freelance but almost as a friend. It is a real opportunity for me to find customers to work with, and having that much flexibility (you work on projects when you have time, it is part-time or full-time job, you develop skills and build relationships, etc…). It is a great platform to start in the freelance world. I can continue my studies, my job and work on Unilance.

4) Being a student and a freelancer … what is your opinion about that? 🤔

Yes, it is a real good opportunity. You can manage your missions according to the time you have. You learn how to organize yourself, and you earn money easily while being at school. I also appreciate a lot, the fact that you combine the experience from the freelance missions and the academic background at school.

5) I just saw that you work at McDonald’s, what is your job there?

I’m working at McDonald’s, in the kitchen. The basic job… I make burgers 🍔 and fries🍟 but I am a trainer for most part of the time. I train new employees and I coach the others. I gained a lot of responsibilities and leadership thanks to this experience, it is a real plus to work there from that point of view. McDonald’s is a wonderful place to learn, especially if you are a student.

6) How do you manage your studies, McDonald’s and Unilance?

I focus most of my time on school and my job at McDonald’s, the rest of my free time is dedicated to my missions on Unilance. I don’t sleep a lot during the night, since I only need like 5 hours of sleep, and you know, developers like to work when the others sleep. I see my friends on weekends, and do other things. It is just a matter of organization. Some weeks, I can advance on projects more than other weeks.

7) What is the next step in your career? 🏁

I want to stop working at McDonald’s to get a real job in web or mobile apps development. And after, I want to build my own company related to websites creation, and do like Unilance (find customers for missions) 😮. Unilance helps me in having a better understanding about the world of freelancing and in gaining more skills related to project management.

8) Do you have something to say to the students still hesitating about becoming a freelance?

There are only advantages… you can stop when you need to, you can refuse missions if you are overloaded with work. You can accept lots of missions. You’ll know more people, you can build your professional network. You learn more skills, and it is really good for your resume in order to get a job!!! You have nothing to lose, so never give up and start freelancing with unliance, great guys… really!

9) Last question, who is your favorite entrepreneur and why? 😊

Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Google, because it has always been my dream to work for Google. They created something bigger than most companies, they owe the game. I am also a huge fan of the project called « ARA ».  They have a fantastic culture of imagination, ideas and innovations. I am also a huge fan of their company management. I am amazed when I look at their headquarters, it seems like an amazing place. They help customers getting what they want. Unilance does the same thing, they help students to get job, and they help customers to get what they want. That is why I love Unilance too.

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