At Unilance, we love to share stories and this one is worth the read. Samy is a lebanese student at NEOMA Business school, located in France. He has been studying Marketing for two years and wants to become a Communication manager.
Samy is passionate about social media where he spends a lot of time on social media, he was a moderator on several forums before specializing in Marketing. Two weeks ago, Samy decided to create an account on Unilance, looking for freelance missions, in order to finance the expensive cost of his school.

“I was tired of working as a waiter to finance my studies. I needed something related to my competencies”

On the other side, the company AMG was looking for a community manager to manage their social media accounts among wich Facebook and Instagram. AMG Dubai  is a startup specialized in entertainment and they do not have the necessary resources to hire someone fully dedicated to this task .

Sophie F, the communication director needed someone to create content, increase both the followers and interactions on the page, identify influencers and finally, answer to people’s comments.


We needed someone fully dedicated to social media but none of us had the time nor the experience to tackle such a task

The company used to rely on a communication agency to get the job done but the cost was too high according to Sophie. One day they decided to turn to Unilance and try the concept of a freelance student. On Unilance, AMG had the opportunity to meet Samy. Through the platform they agreed to use Radian 6, the software to manage social media accounts.

Samy was supposed to create two contents per week, remain available at least four hours per day and establish an entire editorial line for the next three months. They also agreed that Samy was required to increase the number of followers and interactions on both social media for at least 15%. They exchanged documents through the Unilance platform and Samy had to sign a non-disclosure aggreement with the company before starting the mission.

“We needed someone professional, efficient and with competitive prices

Samy managed more than 300 comments in three different countries (Egypt, Lebanon and Dubai), he also contributed to the increase of 37% of followers through the creation of more than 35 exclusive contents, during a timelapse of three months. Samy earned a compensation of $450 US, whereas the media agency’s quotation was $800 US.

Today, Samy and AMG are still working together on this mission and the company even proposed him an internship for next year. A win-win relationship that makes us proud at Unilance. Good luck Samy !!